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What is CAARA?

New York State Assembly Member Micah Kellner and Senator Joseph Robach have introduced new rescue access and shelter reform legislation, Assembly number A.7312-A and Senate Bill S05363A, called the Companion Animal Adoption & Rescue Act (CAARA). The centerpiece of the legislation is a rescue access provision that would still make killing illegal if qualified rescue groups are willing to save an animal’s life. Read the entire bill here... Kellner Press Release


Support CAARA by emailing and/or mailing letters to the following individuals on the Agriculture Committee (see copy-and-paste email/letter template at the bottom of this webpage):

Mailing Address:
Albany Office
LOB 828
Albany, NY 12248

William Magee
George Amedore
Michael Benedotto
Ken Blackenbush
Harry Bronson
Marc Butler
Clifford Crouch
Gary Finch
Aileen Gunther
Stephen Hawley
Barbara Lifton
Peter Lopez
Alan Maisel
Margaret Markey
John McEneny
Francisco Moya
Bob Reilly
José Rivera
Peter Rivera
Linda Rosenthal
Addie Russell


Copy & Paste

(your name)
(your return address)
(your city, NY, zip code)

Dear Assemblyman/Assemblywoman/Senator ________:

I ask you to support the Companion Animal Adoption & Rescue Act (CAARA), introduced by Assembly Member Micah Kellner and New York State Senator Joseph Robach. This bill, known as Assembly number A.7312-A, and S05363A in the Senate, will reduce the number of animals killed in shelters throughout the state.

This legislation will benefit not just the shelter animals, but the citizens of New York who support humane treatment of animals and administrative accountability in the shelter system. To end convenience killing, to ensure shelter animals are receiving adequatefood and water, and to require transparency in shelter operations are just a few of the provisions of the bill that the citizens of New York, including myself, support.

I hope that I can count on you as my senator to support this important legislation. If you wish to speak with me, I can be reached at (phone number). Thank you for your consideration.


(your name)


Depending on YOU!